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Hi, I'm Sherri!

artist/oil painter Sherri Huang

I’m an adventurer and avid knowledge seeker. I live for freedom, connection, creative energy, and stars in the sky, all the while learning to tap into my inner peace and self-growth.

I have had a deep appreciation for nature and the visual arts since early childhood. I was born and raised in southern Michigan, where I spent much of my time drawing and designing in sketchbooks and being outdoors.

I later left behind my small hometown for college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I discovered hiking and became interested in photographing landscapes and architecture.


I continued to migrate east for more schooling in the unassuming valleys of western Massachusetts, where picturesque New England road trips and nature adventures became routine getaways.​

Shortly after I started my career as a speech pathologist in this beautiful pocket of the country, oil painting made its way into my endless repertoire of hobbies and interests. I have traveled all throughout the U.S. as a medical speech pathologist while continuing to paint.

I enjoy creating landscapes in the style of painterly realism with hints of impressionism — my paintings look close to real life but embrace the creative process through evident layers of rich oil color, texture, and brushwork.

I collect my inspiration largely from Mother Nature and am passionate about nature immersion, conservation, and translation onto canvas.


My artist process allows me to find healing and explore my story. My goal is to create for you a one-of-a-kind painting that evokes beauty and inspiration, speaks to you, and becomes a meaningful part of your story.

artist/oil painter Sherri Huang
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